The curriculum of the school will be based on the modern methods of the teaching of experiential, conceptual and contextual learning. It will consist of five essential elements – concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and application. We nurture children to be confident, self-sufficient, have independent thought process and a never-ending urge for learning. 

We constantly ensure that holistic approaches to teaching and learning are achieved in multiple ways like ongoing review of curricula, introduction of new subjects, the breadth of sports and co-curricular activities, and the regular upgrading of infrastructural facilities and resources. The method combines scientific observation with a practical approach, based on discovered laws of development of the mind and body of the child. It recognizes the child’s inner, natural path and understands that children have an instinctive tendency to evolve through spontaneous experiences in the environment.

The teaching for the pre-primary school follow the LSRW format for the complete development

 Speakers -LKG · Readers and Writers-UKG

LSRW represents a revolution in language and vocabulary development aimed at creating a seamless learning experience that a child can actually enjoy. 

  • When we listen we unfurl our creative wings
  • When we speak we start to swim in the ocean of vocabulary
  • When we read we bring the world in our hands
  • When we write we express and connect

Refer the attached PDF file PRESENTATION LSRW

Grade 1 - 8

We at Takshiah  are driven by Cambridge University Education from Grade1- 8 : that is  a simple imperative: to work alongside educators and learners to provide individuals with accessible, inspirational learning resources that lead them to a lifetime of achievement. We are proud to share the gold-standard tradition and contemporary relevance of the University of Cambridge. For us, academic rigour, innovative thinking and leading-edge practices are crucial aspects of delivering the excellent, fully rounded education that the 21st-century learner demands.

Cambridge standards reflects around encouraging and supporting critical thinking, problem solving, thinking skills and creativity. Cambridge University  in India is assisting many leading schools to benchmark and improve their teaching and learning pedagogy in accordance with global trends and standards. Empowered with a rich heritage, strong network and insight into best practices. Cambridge helps schools get an advantage in the education world by making their academic ecosystem future ready.

In an ever-changing global educational environment, Takshilah aims to innovate, inspire and lead the way in educational excellence with unique experience and insights by entering into a unique partnership programme — ‘Cambridge Knowledge Partner’. Stepping into the 21st Century, we stand on the threshold of change in all spheres of life. The need of the hour is to focus ourselves urgently on the true purpose of education. Education does not only mean acquiring various kinds of information. Its central aim is the building of the powers of the human mind and spirit.

Our Education methodology is child centered. The curriculum of regular academics is fully dealt with, but with a flexible approach. Learning is linked with life and the students are enabled to create and construct knowledge by relating academics to their experience. Children will learn in an atmosphere where they feel they are valued. Therefore, the fundamental aim is to create a free and joyous environment of learning which helps to bring out to full advantage, the inner potential of the child.