Student Life

Activities conducted in the school depend majorly on the choices that students make. These choices help us in acting as a guide to direct students at each step, thereby ensuring success. Activities help cater to specific needs of students.

We are excited by the curiosity and thirst for learning that each child, regardless of their academic ability is actively taught to ‘own’ their learning because all our teachers plan their lessons using three strands – Discovering, Applying and Communicating. This encourages our children to use what they have learnt, to create their own ideas which are then communicated to their peers.  The end result is the celebration of learning – a reward in its own right.

Our school is situated in a spectacular location at northern part of Vellore district. This is an ideal place for living out the ethos of allowing children to be children. There is no rush to grow up here, but the foundations are laid for nurturing the resilience our children to achieve high standards through unrivaled activity programs and around the clock personal care. 

In addition, pupils have immediate access to numerous outdoor and indoor pursuits, by this process we incubate a sense of success and achievement in each and every one of our children. 


With the 21st Century learning environment our grade 2 student will work confidently with iPads and the older children have access to outstanding Digital Interactive Classrooms, Modernized Computer, Science & Math's Laboratories, with teachers who are no strangers to programming, explosions, dissections & calculations.


Facilities are world class which include Air Conditioned Classrooms, Audio Visual Theatre, Tennis, Basketball & Badminton Courts, Hygienic Food Court & 4 Acre Outdoor Play Ground. By balancing both classroom and outdoor learning environment, we are developing and expanding the infrastructure regularly.

Lunch Menu

Children are allowed to bring Puri, Rice, Paratha, Chapattis, IdIi, Vegetables, Rice Pulao, Dosa, Vada or any form of vegetarian food along with seasonal green vegetables. 

Children are strictly advised not to bring noodle and junk foods.

Apart from this you can send an additional container with things as follows for snacks: 

  • Dry Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Sprouts, Salad etc. Kindly bear in mind not to over- stuff the lunch box or send junk food like Wafers, Chips, Salted Namkeen or Soda- Based Soft Drinks.

We strictly advise not to carry any Non- Vegetarian food into the school campus and during school related functions. 

  • We advice every child to use Napkins & Spoons while having their lunch.

The  school is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and encourages its students to use the bus service. The routing of the buses is dependent upon demand in certain areas and is run on a no-profit-no-loss basis. Bus fees are collected per term and bus services are available to all students of all grades. The students are accompanied by attendants in the bus. Buses normally depart ten minutes after school hour. Primary students who avail of after school activity cannot avail the bus service in the evenings.

Kindergarten students need to wait and avail bus facility only by 3:30pm.

4 buses servicing from Katpadi, Sathuvachari, Shenbakam and local Vellore town are currently available.

Students can avail bus service only after submission of completed transport form to the office. It is understood that the student can avail  bus service till such time as a withdrawal notice in writing is submitted to the above office.

Click here to download the transport form.

Please get in touch with our admin or email us at for details on the bus routes.