About Singhvi Group

Thank you for your interest in The Takshilah Global School. TTGS is a leader in ground-breaking, that shapes the practice and understanding of education. The TTGS seeks to develop the knowledge, wisdom, and imagination of its students, enabling them to take leadership positions in efforts to improve the quality of education. The Singhvi families ongoing with Jewelry trading later on seeked to find an expansion, and the mission of progressive improvement remained constant.

In 1916's, a small group of families in quest of a progressive, secular, integrated environment migrated to Ambur. TTGS started out as a modest Pre Primary school. founded by a determined businessmen Shri Lickmichand Singhvi Ji, to serve the needs of the local community. Today, as Takshilah’s flagship TTGS continue to be in service of country and society. Just as the founding families sought, a learning environment for the children who belong to the society.

Dedicated and strong to provide high quality education with basic foundation, focused on growing number of schools, TTGS at  Vellore. The motive stands in supporting and assisting our schools in wide sectors such as personal and professional ethics, quality, school enhancements, behavioral skills, curricular and co-curricular activities, program management and the training of staff and leadership and serve the community.

This thought unfolded to endow with “The Singhvi Educational Trust”, founded by Shri Lickmichand Singhvi Ji Chairman of TTGS.

About Takshilah

Singhvi Educational trust embodies The Takshilah Global Schools which is located at Ambur and Vellore in Tamil Nadu. Shriman C. Lickmichand Singhvi ji Chairman of the schools had a desire to posses an education to reach the young kids of small towns and cities with global standards and amenities. Every year virtually 7500 students are being directed and motivated under various educational institutions headed by the Veteran Leader Mr. Lickmichandji .

Mr. Anand Singhvii, Secretary of The Takshilah Global Schools and Mrs.Priyanka Singhvi the Academic Director of the schools are determined to enhance the confidence level, technological competency and socializing with linguistic and overall skills of the Team Takshilah. Singhvi's mission is Principle-centered, Child focused and Collaborative to new perspectives.

Takshilah Difference

10 Points that set us apart from the rest

  1. Self learning - Independence - A child is recognized in his own environment
  2. The highest form of social adaption is prepared gradually by simple social experiences
  3. Mind is free to ask questions, inquire and learn.
  4. Children are taught to listen, to empathise and reach out to the world of work and corporate demands that cannot be ignored.
  5. Respecting self and all forms of life
  6. Individual talents and intelligence of every student is concentrated
  7. Development is on individuals own way rather than a predetermined expectations
  8. Education to explore the world and the inner self.
  9. Thought-Process-Action from heart without hesitation for the right cause.
  10. The capacity to do things is being facilitated and the child experiences  the ultimate inner calmness.